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Within the last years the bone & tissue days have become a major platform for the discussion of current innovations and concepts in dental tissue regeneration.

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I would like to thank you for a great meeting and for my invitation as a speaker.
 My compliments for the whole organization, for the scientific level and for the nice time in Berlin. 
You demonstrate the power of enthusiasm, new ideas and new concepts in the dental regenerative field.

Dr. Damir Jelušić

I want to thank you in my name and on behalf of my young colleagues for the invitation and another great satisfaction that you have prepared for us this weekend in Berlin. What is obvious to everyone, is your commitment to people without consideration of where they come from and your desire to connect all of them into a strong business and a friendly unity.

Prof. Nenad Tanasković

Thank you very much for you did brilliantly and with great success your congress; it was a very professionall, positive experience for me and also for all participants. Thank you too, for lectures level and organization.

Dr. ssa Maura Boggian

 The botiss meeting answered the expectations of the practitioners who performed the regenerative therapies on their patients. It was not only the outstanding speakers, also the subjects covered were within the limits of the attendees generating an enthusiasm among them. Needless to say that the social program was there to relax the overworked guests also making an excellent ground for networking.

Dr. Korkud Demirel