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Dr. Juan Carlos Duran, Dr. Alfonso Caiazzo, Dr. Mauricio Echeverri, Dr. Andrés Eslava, Dr. Martina Stefanini, Dr. David Troncoso y Prof. Dr. Giovanni Zucchelli


Our first bone and tissue days Bogotá on the 14th and 15th of December 2017 was a complete success!
The exclusive club El Nogal hosted this two-day event full of splendid lectures by local and international speakers. It was the first time in Colombia for the protagonists of the congress, Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli and Dr. Martina Stefanini and they were able to captivate the public for several hours during their lecture and hands-on course. The use of mucoderm® for the treatment of recessions was a main topic and the audience could learn new concepts, tips & tricks for this technique.

The other speakers, Mauricio Echeverri, Andrés Eslava, Alfonso Caiazzo, David Troncoso and Juan Carlos Durán also presented highly interesting topics around dental bone and tissue regeneration.

The moderators of the event, Juan Carlos Mejia and Arturo Robertazzi, conducted the event and took care that the agenda was respected throughout the congress. The bone & tissue days Bogotá was complemented by a commercial exposition and entertaining surprises prepared by the organizers.
We would like to thank all the speakers and assistants for their participation, as well as Microvision for the excellent organization of the event.