BTD Porto 20172017-11-08T15:29:04+00:00


Dr. Pedro Bullón, Dr. Pedro Simões Costa, Professor Dr. Paulo Maia, Dr. Paulo Ribeiro, Dr. Alejandro Vivas Rojo, Dr. Antonio García Sanz, Dr. Marius Steigmann and Dr. Drazen Tadic


The 3rd BTD Portugal was a fantastic event. The city of Porto received us with sunny and warm weather and our partners from Klockner had set up a very nice venue at the Fundacao Dr. Antonio Cupertino de Miranda. The event started with a welcome speech by Daniel Diez (Klockner CEO) and an introduction by Dr. Drazen Tadic (co-founder of botiss) who made an update on the biomaterials (new publications, projects under development etc.). Dr. Tadic nicely coordinated his speech with the international speaker of the event, Marius Steigmann, that showed his own clinical cases during this introduction. The event continued with Dr. Steigmann’s lecture, that was followed by a fantastic selection of local speakers form Spain and Portugal including Dr. García Sanz, Dr. Ribeiro, Dr. Simões Costa, Dr. Bullón and Dr. Vivas-Rojo. A group of 30 doctors also participated at the hands-on course by Dr. Steigmann, where they practiced their bone grafting skills, with a special focus on the soft tissue management.