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Adrian, Kasaj, Bernhard Giesenhagen, Darius Pocebutas, David Botond Hangyasi, Justinas Gaidys, Nomeda Baseviciene, Povilas Daugela and Stavros Pelekanos


On 20 – 21 May we added another great event to the success story of our bone & tissue days. The first bone & tissue days congress in Lithuania was taking place in the beautiful city of Vilnius, organized by our partner MEDGRUPĒ. The Kempinsky Hotel located in the heart of the city at the Cathedral Square offered an excellent venue for the congress. According to the concept of the bone & tissue days, the focus on both days was set on dental hard and soft tissue regeneration.

The congress started with three workshops on Friday 20th. Dr. Dávid Botond Hangyási presented the numerous possibilities for the application of biomaterials in dental regeneration. Participants could practice various techniques from GBR and GTR to recession coverage on pig jaws. The 3D presentation of surgical videos gave an additional educational value to the workshop….

The other two workshops took place in the training room of the Vilnius Implantology Center. The modern and very well equipped room provided a great location for the practical exercises. Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen explained the bone ring technique in detail, from the rationale of the technique, to the surgical protocol and discussion of numerous clinical cases. Following, participants could practice the technique on bone models. Dr. Giesenhagen was supported by Dr. Darius Pocebutas, showing his own clinical cases. In the afternoon Dr. Stavros Pelekanos focused in his course on immediate implant placement. Based excellently documented cases and videos demonstrating the techniques on bone models, he explained  how to achieve best aesthetic results from correct implant position to soft tissue management around the implant and correct use of biomaterials. Later on, participants could apply the trained techniques on models.

About 90 participants came to hear the lectures on Saturday 21st. One of the highlights of the day was the huge LCD screen showing the presentations of the speakers in high quality pictures. Dr. Stavros Pelekanos opened the day with his lecture on new perspectives in implant site development and transmucosal contouring. He was followed by Prof. Adrian Kasaj, talking about recession coverage and the mucoderm® as an alternative to the autologous connective tissue transplant. After the lunch break three Lithuanian speakers shared their expertise. Dr. Povilas Daugela talked about limits in Guided Bone Regeneration, also discussing the advantages of the L-PRF technique. Following, Dr. Nomeda Baseviciene focused on options and prognosis in periodontal tissue regeneration treatment, presenting minimal invasive surgical procedures as well as regenerative treatment concepts. The last speaker in this session was Dr. Justinas Gaidys, presenting the history and present of Guided Dental Implant Surgery, discussing how it can help to make surgical interventions and prosthesis more predictable.

The day was finished by Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen, explaining the bonering technique to all those participants that haven’t visited his workshop the day before. After the success of the event MEDGRUPĒ is already thinking about a repetition in 2018.

botiss biomaterials thanks all speakers for sharing their knowledge and excellent lectures and MEDGRUPĒ for the perfect organization.