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Dr. Antonio Luís Bujaldón
Dr. Raúl Caffesse
Dr. Federico Herrero Climent
Sr. Daniel Díez
Dr. Javier G. Fábrega
Dr. Marius Steigmann
Dr. Drazen Tadic

The 5th of November we had our 4th bone & tissue day in Madrid. With a participation of around 500 doctors, the program was charged of high-quality national and international speakers and an exceptional moderator, Dr. Raúl G. Caffesse. After the opening talk by Klockner (our partners in Spain and organizers of the event), Dr. Drazen Tadic and Dr. Marius Steigmann – in a nicely coordinated presentation where Dr. Tadic presented the products and Dr. Steigmann corresponding clinical cases –  were the first doctors to talk at the precious amphitheater of the Ilustre Colegio de Medicos de Madrid. In the afternoon, Dr. Steigmann gave a hands-on course for 35 participants, after which, all the speakers and participants shared a relaxed evening at the Ramses.