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Sr. Daniel Diez, Dr. Pablo Galindo, Prof. Doutor Mariano Herrero, Dr. Adrian Kasaj, Dr. Paulo Magalhães, Prof. Doutor Paulo Maia, Dr. Joaquim Martins, Dr. Hélder Oliveira and Prof. Doutor João Paulo Tondela

Moderador: Dr. Joaquim Martins


The 2nd bone & tissue day in Porto took place last 9th of July, organized by botiss together with our partner in Portugal,  Klockner. Around 100 people assisted to the lectures and 25 participants assisted to the workshop of Dr. Adrian Kasaj. The doctor pointed out the interest and good work of the participants. They were so concentrated that we had to “convince” them to make a coffee break during their work! After the congress, the organizers had planned a very nice evening event next to the Atlantic ocean with very nice appetizers and sushi.