BTD Porto 2015 2017-09-21T14:46:34+00:00


Dr. Raul G. Caffesse,
Dr. Dárcio Fonseca,
Dr. Pedro Lázaro,
Dr. Manuel María Romero,
Dr. Pedro Silva,
Prof. Doutor João Paulo Tondela
and Dr. Ivan Toro


Last 21st of November, the first bone and tissue day has taken place in Porto, Portugal. Organized together by Klockner Implant System and botiss biomaterials, the event was dedicated to current topics on regeneration of soft and hard tissues in the daily dental practice. Professor Joao Paulo Tondela moderated the day at Casa do Medico.

“The objective was to upgrade the principles in oral tissue regeneration and reconstruction in rehabilitation with implants, including the techniques and materials, never forgetting the science behind these,” said the professor, speaking to O JornalDentistry…

Pr. Raul G. Caffesse, Dr. Manuel María Romero, Dr. Ivan Toro, Dr. Pedro J. Lazaro, and Dr. Pedro Santos Silva were invited to share their knowledge and experience in areas such as periodontal regeneration, immediate implants in post-extraction, connective tissue grafts and its alternatives, alveolar preservation, and xenograft block augmentation.

Of particular focus were the techniques and biomaterials used in these procedures, with specific emphasis on cerabone®, Jason® membrane, and mucoderm® among others.

A parallel workshop session on bone regeneration was held by Dr. Dárcio Fonseca, in which participants conducted training on models and learned the latest techniques.